Basketball sports- faster than faster

Basketball is the second fastest game in the world after ice hockey. Basketball is an excellent way to exercise and to have fun. One can choose it as a past time and also as a profession. Basketball started in Mexico about five hundred years ago. From the time it was launched till date, the rules have changed. Earlier there were thirteen rules of which nine have been modified while the rest has been dropped. Earlier there were eighteen players which meant nine to a team. Two baskets were placed at either end of the court, and when the first ball was put in the basket, the game was known as Basketball.

Basketball as a game has five players on either side and needs players to run up and down the playing area. Each team has players that are in the offense and defense. Thos players in the offense move towards the basket of the opposite team and score a point or baskets while the defense stays back to defend their basket. That is why it is so important to have basketball drills for the players to execute.

Rules of the Game: As mentioned earlier there are five players on each side.  Here are the rules

  • The ball can be thrown or received in any route within the playing area with one or both hands.
  • A player cannot run with the ball in his or her hand. It needs to be bounced along with runner.
  • No pushing, holding, elbowing or tripping of the opponent is allowed. If there is intent in hurting the player, then he or she is taken off the ground, and no substitution is allowed.
  • Striking the ball with the fist is considered a foul.
  • A goal is made when the ball is thrown into the basket. Two points are awarded if the goal is made closer to the basket. However, if the goal is made from a distance that is much further away from the basket, then one isawarded three points.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds, then the opponent gets the chance to throw it in. However, if the opponent holds the ball for more than five seconds, then the ball is handed over to the opponent.
  • The referee is the judge and will decide when the ball is out of play. When any player from either side has made three fouls he or she is asked to leave the playing area and sit on the bench.
  • The time is of two fifteen minute halves with a five- minute break in between.
  • The side making the most [points at the end of the schedule of the game is considered the winner.

Basketball trainers have a lot of drills to go through. While some trainers may teach how to pass, the ball others may learn how to dribble the ball and keep it in motion. They also teach how to do man to man check. These drills are meant to empower oneself with the basketball drills