This year’s Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots was one of the more dramatic Super Bowls of all times. For the first time ever, the Super Bowl went to overtime and the New England Patriots defeated the Atlantic Falcons with a stunning come from behind victory. After the game, Tom Brady was chosen as the best player and won the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately, there was some sad news associated with the v

It appears that someone stole Tom Brady’s official Super Bowl jersey. The theft became a law enforcement issue on the following Monday. Via a twitter, the Houston police and the major offender division started to work with the NFL security along with other local and state agencies to investigate this criminal offense. The number 12 jersey was not seen soon after Tom Brady had taken it off. Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesman, commented to a sports media network that the disappointing disappearance of the jersey will continue to be investigated by the above law enforcement agencies. However, to date, no conclusive leads have been named. Perhaps Mr. Brady should hire a Houston private investigator to work on the case, as well.

The confirmation from the NFL and from Houston law agencies was provided by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. On Monday, Tom Brady confirmed that the jersey had not been located and therefore the investigation continues. There is a long list of potential suspects that include coaches, family members, teammates, league/team staffers, sports news media members, gate crashers, and law enforcement officials. Although Patriots owner Robert Kraft says the jersey will turn up in the future, it is interesting to note that this jersey was not the first jersey that Tom Brady has had go missing.

What makes his case difficult to investigate is that there were more than 100 people on Sunday night who were closely crowded into the locker room of the New England Patriots after they had won Super Bowl LI. Tom Brady made a comment that he had taken off his jersey and put it into one of his sports bags but a few minutes later he realized that it had disappeared. He also commented that this type of victory jersey was particularly special and that he would like to have had it for his trophy case.

Dan Patrick released a statement that he had contacted the Texas Rangers to help the Houston police with the investigation. He also commented that the state of Texas puts a very high value on football and hospitality. He recognizes that this particular Tom Brady jersey would have a tremendous historical and monetary value. He implored the thief who took it to please return the jersey as soon as possible. It should be also noted that a locker room, especially for a Super Bowl, has a tremendous layer of security and it would be difficult for whoever took it to take it out through the front gate.

This has been a sad event for not only Tom Brady but for the NFL and the 51st Super Bowl. Hopefully, the person who has taken the jersey will realize how important it is to return it. Besides, this type of sports memorabilia would be very difficult to sell and therefore it does not make a lot of sense for someone to receive a criminal record in return for this type of theft.

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Last Modified: July 22, 2018